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For it be  Saudi Prodex  there were plenty of dreams that we flew with, despite all the challenges to create a platform aimed at creating entertainment, television and cinematic content that opens the gates of unlimited investment opportunities for producers and the greatest motivation for us, was the saying of our inspiring leader Muhammad bin Salman: “Who cannot dream does not negotiate with us and does not come to our gates. We welcome dreamers who want a new world." At prodex team we have accepted to challenge all the difficulties with our dreams to contribute in creating a new world written by the history of our country and serving the entertainment content industry in all its sectors that we present to our country and, leaders and for all production and content sectors Its an initiative we started with persistence where we brought together variety of experts from around the globe and big buyers for the launch of the annual appointment that everyone awaits To invest in creativity and take taking it globally l in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi prodex welcomes all comers to start together from this platform.

Abeer Julaih

Executive Manager


1st Edition

After the success of the first media production exhibition, which was able to bring together a group of media in the gulf, with the participation of a number of official and private channels and stars of media in a huge honoring ceremony attended by a large group of officials and artists in the Gulf in one place. One of the most important objectives of the first forum was to achieve the 2030 economic vision More



Mr. Hassan Mohammed Al-Hamdan

Working in Saudi TV since 1982 - 2017

Mr. Fahad El Shlil

Production director, Saudi TV

Mayssa Maghrebi


General Manager of Media Group in Dubai

Mr. Nabil Kazan

President KPTV Mena 

Ambassador for Discop Mena 

MS.  Iman Fattouh Abu Al-Dahab

G.M of marketing at Egyptian media production city

Mr. Wesam Kattan

Vice President, Content for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for Viu

 Mr. Adil Memon

Vice President – Content & Marketing Head of Zee Entertainment Middle East FZ LLC

MS. Nadine Samra

Chief Business Officer for Weyyak by Zee Entertainment

Prof. Hisham Abbas Zakaria

Professor of Communication and Media, KFU

Dr. Nahed Saeed Mohammed Bashtah

PHD in cultural and digital media

Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Ghanem

International Academy of Engineering Sciences and Media (IAEMS) at E.M.P.C


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