Festival Competitions

Best Movie Competition 2018

Film about Saudi women's Driving


MPF 2018

MPF 2018

MPF 2018

Film about the future of cinema in Saudi Arabia

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Terms of the best film Competition

  • The film should be Saudi.

  • The film will be presented no later than November 15, 2018.

  • The movie has not been shown on any TV channel or over the Internet.

  • Not be a separate television program or episode in a sequential program.

  • The director or producer is not permitted to participate in more than two films.

  • The organizer is entitled to retain the acceptable film for the contest and to distribute it to the public after the festival after agreeing with the rights holder of the film.

  • The Organizing Committee of the Festival shall be entitled to issue offers tickets for films, if any.

  • The Organizing Committee shall have the right to reject any film or submit it for presentation outside the Contest without giving reasons.

  • No film shall be entitled to participate in the withdrawal except with the consent of the Organizing Committee.

  • The intellectual property rights of any Film or any part thereof shall be the responsibility of the Participant.

Technical specifications of films

  • The short film duration should not exceed 39 minutes.

  • The length of the film should not be less than 39 minutes and not more than 90 minutes.

  • Fill out the registration form through the registration page with all the required materials by November 15, 2018, and the participant will pay the fees of the consignment.

  • English subtitles should be included for both Arabic films in the film or in the translation document srt attached to the film. In addition, an Arabic translation of English-language films must be included in part or all.

  • The DVD movie, containing only 2 copies, or the final version, will be accepted on a download link to the e-mail of the e-Festival (special e-mail address for the contestant).

  • The final version of the film must be in one of the following formats: DCP, DCP, mov or mp4.

  • Recommended codec packs: H.264 and have a lower bitrate of 10MBit / s and above 15MBit / s.

  • Image quality: (1920x1080 pixels) progressive, 23.976fps.

  • Audio Specificities: 48kHz PCM (only uncompressed), AAC, MP3 160 kbps or higher.

  • File privacy: Only multi-functional files (where video, audio and subtitles are in a single file) are accepted. The file size should not exceed 8 GB per movie. The better the picture quality, the better the quality of the conversion.

  • Attach the poster with a length length of 1189mm, width 841mm at 72dpi.